1 in 13 people struggle with chronic anxiety
& less than 10% of them seek professional care

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Anxiety consists of a group of responses that trigger overwhelming negative emotions such as fear or constant worry. This condition can inhibit your ability to mindfully regulate your emotions and many situations in your life. Talk therapy and psychoeducation provides a platform to "re-train" the way in which you see the world.

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety presents itself through physical, psychological behavioral and emotional symptoms. Anxiety interacts with the limbic system that consists of the amygdala, hippocampus, hypothalamus, cingulate gyrus, epithalamus, denate Gyrus and the entorhinal cortex. This system controls fear responses to external stimuli including real or percieved threats.

As a Social Condition

Anxiety can trigger a wide range of social interplays or be a by-product of trying to fit into or exit from certain life circumstances. Social anxiety is a fear of specific social situations that may involve interaction with other individuals. Children that experience teasing, bullying, rejection, ridicule or humiliation can be prone to social anxiety issues.

As a Generalised Condition

Generalized anxiety is characterized by persistent and excessive worry about various topics. General anxiety is often associated to a recent or prolonged exposure to highly stressful situations or traumatic experiences. Causes often include: family history of anxiety, recent or prolonged exposure to stress, including inter-personal or family issues.

Why specilised therapy works so well?

What Is Talk Therapy?

Talk therapy applies scientifically validated procedures to give you healthier more effective tools to manage your life. Skilled therapists adapt between cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal and other kinds of talk therapy in a collaborative process that guides you into more ordered thought patterns.

Will It Work For You?

The truth about anxiety therapy is that it actually works, but people avoid it. Talk therapy is an empirical way in which anxiety can successfully be treated or contained. Professional talk therapy can be used as a primary or supplementary to help with anxiety.

Clinical Care For Anxiety

Intensive inpatient care may be required if symptoms of psychological distress become debilitating and consistently upset your wellbeing. People with severe anxiety disorders often respond to certain situations with immediate fear or dread. This response can often lead to avoidant behavior. Discover why recovery direct is the leading habit changing program in South Africa. - unless the is evidence for this claim I would either change the sentence or remove completely.

Outpatient Care For Anxiety

Therapists in a multidisciplinary team offer talk therapy, psychoeducation and group support that is specifically managed by a clinical lead to best ensure that you are provided with the most effective methods of treatment possible.

The cross skilled counselling team collaborate with you to find solutions based on your feedback and their collective experience.


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The problem with many anxiety treatments are that they’re designed to be a quick fix solution or divert attention from the actual causes of the underlying problem. They may identify the problem but re-enforce it without actively creating a positive platform for you to manage the rest of your life. The Recovery Direct programe gives you uncondtional support regardless of your circumstance or situation. Providing a positive platform from where you can grow.